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About Us

Store Information

  • The products sold on cool tech are 100% as described and labeled from the page and website.
  • At Cool tech we sell genuine electronics from big brands and 1:1 replica AA(copy) Products. 
  • We at Cool tech prioritize for all our customers. You will know before purchasing from us whether or not the item is an original or 1:1 copy.

Who We Are

Cooltech is an personal shopping agency that was founded in 2016. Our role in Cooltech is to source out the hottest and latest products from around the world and deliver them to our customers.

Our Aim

Our purpose at cool tech is to be able to source out and provide popular electronics from worldwide recognized brands for the better price tag you will find in my market.   


Yes we have an inventory of stock but we mainly try to suppliers most of products from our suppliers  as it’s more efficient and less time consuming.

At Cool  tech, prioritize we highly priorities transparency and good business practices with our customers. Our customers will always be informed whether by our advertisement and before checkout is advertisement is made if they are purchasing a 1:1 copy or an original product.

All items are dispatched as soon as possible once payment has been made to us. The location of the customer can slightly impact the speed of transit but on average customers do receive their products within two weeks.

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